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Committed to our Clients Success

We offer “full service” consulting with Section 11 40 00 foodservice and 11 23 00 laundry specifications. We do not sell equipment nor are we compensated to recommend/specify preferred equipment, so that the client receives the appropriate piece of equipment for the appropriate task. We assist our clients in making the best equipment choices to fit their current operating procedures with flexibility to accommodate future needs and future foodservice technology. We also monitor all compliance with the drawings and specifications throughout the construction process. 

Stewart Design Associates incorporates “sustainable design” into our projects and has experience with LEED building practices and criteria. This results in lower operating costs for the facility and lower capital investment for utility systems. 

Services include layout drawings, electrical and plumbing rough-in drawings, building works plans, MEP schedules and elevation drawings. Our in house Project Coordinators are able to produce AutoCAD and Revit drawings (BIM, 3D modeling) and interface with all architects and disciplines. 

Our approach to developing any foodservice plan is first to gather information about the facility's menu, market and methods of service. This leads to the proposal of alternative methods of dealing with the many components of any foodservice facility. From there we develop a final operational program, equipment lists, schematic plans, budget estimates and a preliminary mechanical, electrical and plumbing schedule. Plans are repeatedly reviewed with all concerned parties and revised as needed. Detailed rough-in drawings are next, followed by elevations, sections and other drawings required to clearly indicate the construction and function of each component and work area. General and item specifications are then clearly written so all parties know what is required in terms of material, labor and workmanship. We also evaluate submitted bids for compliance with drawings and specifications, approve shop drawings and review the installation for any deficiencies in workmanship or material. The key ingredient in all phases of our work is attention to detail which makes everyone's job easier at all stages of the design and construction process and ensures client satisfaction.

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President - FCSI Consultant

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FCSI Consultant - Senior Project Coordinator

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Project Coordinator

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